In today's competitive business environment, custom apparel has a huge potential to attract, engage and convert audience members into customers.  It is an essential part of branding and should be included in the marketing strategy for any type of business or organization.  At Islandwide Promotions, we work with our customers in determining their needs and help them get their brand noticed with quality pieces.


There are many benefits of custom printed apparel:


Brand Awareness.  When employees wear a shirt with the business logo on it, it is also worn outside the walls of your business.  Reaching the general public helps to build an awareness of your brand and is a great way to advertise.

Looks Professional.  When all of your employees are wearing the same clothing with your business logo on them, it creates a unified look that gives a great first impression for customers.  This creates a feeling of organization and control in the eye of customers.  By providing custom apparel, you can ensure that your employees are represented the way that you want them to be.

Creates a Team Environment.  People like to feel as though they belong and are part of a group.  When a business gives their employees custom apparel to wear, it gives a feeling that the employees are cared about and special enough to wear and represent the brand.  This feeling then overflows to having an environment that will feel and work as a team.

Provides Incentive.  Providing custom apparel can be a great way to reward employees or to use as giveaways for clients. 

Islandwide Promotions is the name you can depend on when you're looking for top quality brands and service.  When it comes to apparel, we've got you covered!


Step your game up by choosing Islandwide Promotions to help you pave the way to victory with personalized jerseys and performance gear for your team.  We provide excellent customer service, quick turnarounds, and top quality artwork.

No matter your sport, no matter your activity, Islandwide Promotions got you covered with custom sportswear!



There are many different ways to showcase your message on apparel.  At Islandwide Promotions, we focus on screen printing, heat transfer, direct-to-garment printing, and embroidery.  These methods give us options on the best way to get your message out there! 


Custom tees are used in many different ways!  Some include:

Raising Awareness.  Custom tees are a great way to raise awareness for any cause!  Nonprofit organizations and partnering businesses can communicate their values and missions through print on t-shirts.  These shirts can be worn by volunteers to make an impact by creating a bond between everyone on your team.  Plus, the general public will be drawn to your operation and in turn would want to help out your cause! 


Uniting Students.  Custom tees can be used for student rallies, fundraisers and other school events that boost school spirit within the community.  Why not try some thunderstix or hats as well to get your message across!


Promoting an Event.  Are you looking for a giveaway item for customers at an upcoming event?  Consider using custom tees as they are one of the most cost-efficient and effective promotional items.  Plus, everyone loves a free t-shirt!



Don’t miss out on all of the benefits that promotional apparel can provide. 

As a distributor of all things promotional,

you can trust Islandwide Promotions to be your supplier of choice!